Friday, February 23, 2007

African Lion On The Verge Of Extinction

Experiencing an African Lion safari is just about the closest thing you'll get to a safari rush. Seeing the king of the beasts in their natural habitat, unhibited and carefree, can leave a lasting impression on even the most hard to please critic. But how much longer will the lion be around for safari seekers to study in the wild.

Believe it or do not, this seemingly indestructible creature, whose demeanor exudes such strength and character, is dwindling in numbers so rapidly that at the current rate of decline, the lion may very well become just another statistic in the story of evolution.

Dwindling Lion Numbers

Once the lion roamed the wilds of Africa in numbers. Virtually unchallenged, they ruled with stealth like precision as the "top dogs" in the food chain. There were more than 200,000 lions worldwide two decades ago; now, their numbers have plummeted to under 25,000. An African lion safari in a decades time could literally mean visiting your local zoo and viewing them through iron bars and glass panels.

Did You Know?

African lions are naturally protected. Despite the fact that their numbers have decreased alarmingly through farming expansion and drought they are still a dangerous animal. Reports of people being mauled by lions are not uncommon.

Farming Vs. Lions

Currently, lions are confined mainly to wildlife and national parks as programs are put into place to halt their slide into oblivion. Still, Africa's national parks are an ideal way for the lion to maintain some semblance of it's natural environment and more importantly, they are safe from their biggest enemy, human progress. You see, there has been a clash of difference between lions and the progress of African farming. To put it bluntly, one of them has to go. Unfortunately for fauna enthusiasts, it's the lion.

Lions have been shot in great numbers in recent years as the African farming landscape is extended. Why? Because lions and farming livestock cannot co-exist. Farmers understandably are intolerant to the king of the beasts who innocently view the livestock as fair game, much to their detriment.

Conservation Programs

Re-populating lion numbers has been a contentious issue but some great work has nevertheless been undertaken in this area. Funding for such programs has been a real issue with lion rescue groups often having to rely on public support. For some countries in central and even western Africa, it's almost too little too late as lion numbers have almost completely diminished. There are many difficulties in managing african lion re-population. Breeding programs are fine but the problem is in re-locating animals into new environments among established prides. More often than not, they are not accepted by the existing pride.

An African lion safari sounds like a great adventure on the surface. A great way to get as close as possible to the king of the beasts in their natural habitat. Let's hope that the only place we'll find lions over the next couple of decades is not in nature books...

Friday, February 16, 2007

Virtual Life on Earth

The global warming alarmists have warned us of the future parched earth and a barren planet void all of plant life and they have told us about millions or even billions of people dying from lack of water or food. They describe things like the barren planet of Mars and a surface that cannot support life. If this happens that human beings will have to live underground and use underground water supplies and be careful with their resources.

Can the future of mankind live underground like that or would they go insane? What if the Liberal Democrats are right as they work very hard to make our populations fear the future? The remaining humans on Earth would be forced to go underground and within a future generations the new people would never have experienced life on the surface of the planet. However, it is possible to record the human life experience, as we know it and then develop virtual reality simulators to keep everyone from going insane.

How would this work? Well, the humans living underground would have a dome shaped device that they could go inside and the device would actually be a flat-panel screen or display much like the concept of the IMAX theaters, only a smaller version. The user of the virtual reality system would have libraries full of digital content to play.

They can experience in virtual reality snowboarding, water skiing or even hang gliding. They could go parachuting, walk through the park or go mountain climbing. They could do everything that is possible on Earth, without that Earth even being available anymore. This is why I tell people not to worry about global warming because if it were true there would be nothing we can do about it anyway and virtual reality will solve all those problems force in the future. Please consider all this in 2007.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rare Virtual Science of Earth

Greek philosophers commenced theorizing about the nature as composed of elements like water, earth, ether etc. This nature or environment has always been a jamboree for the inquisitive souls. This is precisely the reason that man has left no stone unturned to explore it. In talking about nature and environment related issues, the foremost question that comes to my mind is that what is environment? Have you ever pondered over the fact that it is not just the foliage and fauna but also the air you breathe, water you drink, things you touch and perceive and even the food you eat that constitutes your environment! You are encased by environment everywhere and anywhere. This environment has friends as well as foes. In case of opponents, the rational selves inject most of these. For instance factories produce and introduce many toxic compounds in the environment that are hazardous for the entire mankind. This article will shed light on some of the significant environmental enemies that envelope us all round the clock.

1. The harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide, lead, sulphur dioxide etc constantly pollute the air around us. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous compound, excess inhaling of which can be unexpectedly detrimental. Studies have revealed that CO enters into our bloodstream and causes breathing disorders and even cardiac arrest.

2. Lead is another fatal element that attacks the nervous system and is largely responsible for causing evils like anemia and high blood pressure. Lead can be threatening to life. So it is better to keep a check on the release of lead in your surroundings. Reducing the consumption can do this and judicious use of lead based products and like paints, batteries and radiators etc.

Other pollutants too that enter the air and water we consume and destroy the sanctity of environment (like depletion of the ozone layer) are very dreadful. They can result in usual minor problems like common cold to major ones like asthma, bronchitis and conjunctivitis etc.

In order to avert the infection due to these pollutants or germs it is better to built up a strong immune system. Although much of immunity is genetically inherited yet it can be significantly improved by intaking nutritious and balanced diet and exercising regularly.

3. When we talk about pollution, noise pollution is also quite disturbing and annoying. A surge in the noise pollution level due to the escalating traffic, industries and factories leads to hazards like insomnia and lack of concentration.

4. The sun that enlightens the whole world can even be damaging at times. The excess of sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays that creep into the earth’s atmosphere due to the exhaustion of protective ozone layer, cause many dermdisorders amongst individuals. To avoid these perils as much possible, wear sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and covered clothes while moving out in the sun.

5. Apart from the pollutants like smoke and other toxic gasses, the pesticides that are sprayed in the fields and on the crops have an injurious outcome. Through the vegetables and fruits we eat these pesticides composed of poisonous chemicals like DDT, Methanol, carbon monoxide etc. enter our body and harm it. Therefore it is advised to wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly prior to eating or cooking.

6. The radiations that are released in the atmosphere due to nuclear reactions, nuclear tests, mobile phones, computers and the like are also a source of danger.

7. The enhancement of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has resulted in global warming which has turned out to be a massive threat to life on earth. Planting more trees and plants that enrich the air with oxygen can prevent global warming.

Safeguarding oneself against the environmental rivals is also a way to cease the damage we do the environment...

Rare Virtual Science of Earth